Change Log

Known Issues

  • License Activation problems found for some phones.
    Workaround: remove/close the app from Android tasks list and restart (fixed in release 117, still present in the latest release).
  • Dec 2018: Update don't work.
    Workaround: Reset all application cache (data settings) from Android settings. Reinstall the app, reboot the phone.
  • Feb 2019: Device not recognized after upgrade to Android 9 (Pie).
    Workaround: Unknown. It seems after some phone upgrade to Android 9 the USB OTG stops to work. Nothing is recognized.
  • Jun 2019: the rate / mesured frequency are not correct in some cases. Issue fixed from Beta 126.

2.2.3 (143) Oct, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- Possibility to select time/div

Fixed bugs:

2.2.2 (142) Sep, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- Rearranged Settings Panel
- Added space before units
- Demo mode generate 1 kHz & 10 kHz waves with different amplitude and phase for better simulation
- Moved Channel 2 arrow on the left
- Improved Channel 2 arrow selection among trigger selection and cursors selection
- Calibration data is not lost after app update
- Bigger text size in the Settings Panel for the tablets
- Updated keyboard controls
- Better UI for vertical cursors
- Probes configurations are saved on a file that is possible to backup / restore and which is not lost in case of app delete/re-install
- Added options to enable/disable search for Wifi and Bluetooth oscilloscopes
- Info Panel show information on the device Screen
- HS10X Driver save/load calibration data into/from the oscilloscope (firmware V.6)
- Added lower rates for HS101 Bluetooth oscilloscope
- XY Plot allow DC input coupling

Fixed bugs:
- Fixed screen flickering on Single Trigger.
- Y Axis do not change position after oscilloscope start/stop.
- Fixed Data Logger channel buttons to update status according oscilloscope enabled buttons
- Solved Probe setting lost after update
- Fixed wrong first samples in Hantek 6022 for Experimental Mode
- Fixes bug on OSC482 do not start (SEVERE)
- Fixed Roll Mode sequence corrupted in the first part of data
- Fixed bug where the signal is not shown in certain cases.
- Fixed Voltmeter view issue for some device.

2.2.1 (132) Aug, 2019

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:
- Updated Hantek 6022 driver to fix wrong data.

2.2.0 (131) Jul, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- New 3-state button to adapt the 2 channels on the screen: 1) align vertically, 2) put on same level, 3) resize the scales to fit 2 very different scales.
- Updated VDS1022 driver now can read and use the device calibration data. Better stability.
- Oscilloscope view can zoom out completely.
- Better algorithm for calculation of signal main frequency (it works both in frequency and in time domain).
- Cleaned wrong samples for Hantek 6022.
- License issue seems not present in this version.

Fixed bugs:
- Updated VDS1022 driver to recover in case of connection failures.
- Fixed license activation issue.

2.1.9 (127) Jun, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- UI updates: Oscilloscope panel, FFT Window selection, Data Logger
- Added FFT windows with specs.
- Added more keyboard controls.
- Hantek 1008 driver allows to choose CH1 and CH2 among the 8 channels.
- Updated HS10X Driver (HS101 PRO, Bluetooth communication, Firmware V.5).
- Added probe unit: mils.
- Added Labels Tool for Automotive Module.
- Added more stats during data logger recording and in CSV export (Min, Max, DC, RMS - for each channel).
- Added more intervals to data logger (from 1/4s to 60s).
- Added absolute Max, Min real-time computation during data logger recording (Max and Min are not on the interval time but are computed on all period among intervals).

Fixed bugs:
- Fixed bug on Hantek 6074 driver.
- Fixed bug on Hantek 6022 (BE/BL) driver (wrong readings at 25-50KSa/s).
- Fixed bug on HS102 license.
- Fixed bug on HS101 PRO.
- Fixed bug on Hantek 1008 when CH2 is mapped as another channel.
- Fixed bug on Automotive Module rate change.
- Fixed bug on wrong frequency reading on the stats for some case.
- Fixed crash on Android 4.1 - 4.2 devices.

2.1.8 (117) May, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- New Loto OSC482 Driver.
- New Hantek 6074 Driver (under test).
- New HS101 PRO Driver (under test).
- Updated OWON VDS1022 Driver.
- Added new probe unit: dB.
- USB authorizzation asked just first time.
- UI updates.

Fixed bugs:
- Fixed crash on wrong probe settings.
- Fixed factory calibration for Hantek 1008.
- Fixed zoom issue using probes.
- Fixed license issue.
- Fixed crash on calibration for some device.

2.1.7 (110) Mar, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- Loto OSC802 acquire up to 65K Samples.
- Added option for enable Immersive Mode.
- Added support for keyboard control.
- Automotive module supports both simple cursors and Pressure Overlay.

Fixed bugs:
- Fixed menu pop-up issue for some device.
- Fixed Pressure Overlay bug in Automotive Module.

2.1.6 (105) Feb, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- New devices: Loto OSC802 (in test).
- Changed top statistics back color.

Fixed bugs:
- Fixed Overscale notice issue.
- Bug fix on DDS120 for rate 500KSa/s

- Bug fix on normal trigger wrong level set

2.1.5 (102) Feb, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- New devices: Instrustar 205X (just analog mode). After connected need to be configured the first time in Settings->General->Hardware.
- Single HS10X firmware V3: configurable in HScope (in Settings->General->Hardware).
- Hantek 1008: now possible to configure which hardware channel is connected to Channel 2 (in Settings->General->Hardware).

Fixed bugs:
- Bug fix on device recognition issue with Wifi/VPN.
- Bug fix on app crash if deleted all probes.
- Bug fix on app crash if use rulers with Math Module.
- Bug fix on device not recognized if Demo Mode activated.

2.1.5 (100) Jan, 2019

Implemented enhancements:
- New devices: HS102 DIY Oscilloscope, Owon VDS1022, Instrustar 205X, Loto OSC802 (in test)
- New Math Module
- Added File Management for Logger
- Audio Module:
   Support audio output to phone speaker for more phones
   Can compute RMS Power on Amplifiers output
- Existing Drivers:
   HS10X series support Audio Module (real-time stream of CH1 signal to the phone speaker)
   ISDS205 set internal generator @ 1KHz (instead of 500Hz)
   iDSO1070 Driver update (better performance)
   iDSO1070 added 200Sa/s rate in Roll Mode (support Automotive Module)
- Settings:
   Added Screen landscape reverse option
   Possibility to download the Probes Settings from the Cloud
   Added wc unit to the probe settings

Fixed bugs:
- Fixed bug on sampling rate 500KSa/s for ISDS205
- Fixed bug for low sampling rates ( < 100KSa/s ) for 6022BL
- Fixed license bug

- Fixed Audio Module bug (could not output audio for some phone)

2.1.4 (89) Oct, 2018

Implemented enhancements:
- Added High-Resolution acquisition mode for Cypress FX2 based devices (Experimental). Automotive Module acquisition up to 125KSa/s @ 10bit ADC. - PSI unit changed to PSIG, added PSIA unit
- Added probes: 100PSIG, MAP Sensor, COP Sensor
- Added Restore button in the Probe's Settings to restore default probes in case accidentally deleted (it does not delete new custom probes).
- Better stability on waveform zoom control with fingers on screens with low resolution
- Can set the Oscilloscope background color
- Better size for the drop down menu

Fixed bugs:
- Fix some wrong message when opening Settings
- Fixed bug on Audio Module (crash on opening for some device)
- Fixed bug on Voltmeter Module (probe selection did not work)
- Fixed bug on full version activation for some device and for HS101 Device

2.1.3 (81) - End Aug, 2018

Implemented enhancements:
- Added Probes Settings.
- Automotive Module export new information as ADC bits and the unit for each channel.
- Scope export also the information of the unit used for each channel.
- Added new languages, revised existing languages.
- Oscilloscope right Menu updated (more compact, better icons).
- XY Plot Centering Button moved on bottom right of the XY Graph.

Fixed bugs:
- In Zero Calibration the channel selection button is out of size.
- XY Plot proportions fit better on longer screens.
- Default Sampling Rate set to Samples/s.
- Firmware update for 6022BE, full acquire 1024 samples at 48MSa/s without corruption. Fixed data errors for rates < 16KSa/s.

2.1.2 (78) - Mid Aug, 2018 (minor release)

Fixed bugs:
- Bug fix on ISDS205A Firmware.

2.1.1 (77) - Mid Aug, 2018

Implemented enhancements:
- PSO2020 central button allow to turn on the device front light
- Zero Level in Hardware ADC do not depend from frequency any more (for all Cypress FX2 based devices)
- Pre-Celibrated values available for all devices (available only in Full Version)
- Added new probes for pressure sensors and amperometric clamps (not tested)

Fixed bugs:
- Cypress FX2 ADC zero offset depending from frequency invalidate calibration. Fixed.
- Cypress FX2 device had corrupted first 5 samples when running at 48MSa/s
- IDSO1070a could not be detected from Android 8.0 due to system restrictions
- On first connect waveform was small in the screen and needed to be zoomed
- After calibration value change the current channel do not get updated
- Duty cycle stat show NA when square wave don't start from 0 so to avoid
errors in calculation.

2.1.0 (76) - Aug, 2018

Implemented enhancements:
- New Instrustar ISDS205A Oscilloscope driver
- New Settings Panel
- Calibration Reset provide calibration data based on real measurements (starting just with Instrustar ISDS205A)

2.0.3 (75) - Jul, 2018

Implemented enhancements:
- New HS101 Oscilloscope driver
- iDSO1070 Driver show additional hardware information (like firmware version and battery level)
- Calibration Panel show Calibration values

Fixed bugs:
- Calibration fixed (data not correct, impacted all devices under some circumstance)

2.0.2 (72) Beta - Jul, 2018

Implemented enhancements:
- Less RAM usage, improved graphs rendering speed (for future plot of higher number of samples)
- FFT Statistics run every second, no any refresh (better performance, less CPU consumption)
- Automotive Module Export compress data in .zip format
- On Single Trigger, the screen center to the first occurrence of the event
- Implemented Duty Cycle in the Stats as D parameter (works for square waves with base on 0V)
- iDSO1070 startup speed increased, driver updated
- New XY Plot interface with time shift calculator for arbitrary waves
- Additional feature are managed under Modules button
- HT1008 acquire 2000 samples/channel on single trigger (1000 before)
- FX2 devices firmware update
- Added auto align channels button (on zero level or up-down)

Fixed bugs:
- Screenshot work just the first time
- Auto-center view according wave button doesn't work in some cases
- XY Plot is inverted
- Single trigger don't center wave on the trigger point
- Single trigger don't work (show old wave) -> Fixed with new FX2 Firmware
- Roll Mode Visualizzation fixed
- FFT calculation error (impacted HT1008 and iDSO1070)