Supported Oscilloscopes

Following is the list of the Oscilloscopes supported in HScope App and the features available.
Note: These specs do not reflect the specs declared from the Vendor and/or the functions (hardware and software) available with the official software.

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Device Channels Voltages Samp. Rate (Sa/s) ADC AC/DCTrigger Supported Modules Price (ref.)Notes
HS1011 0-20V 3K - 900K 12bit SWHW NADIY Oscilloscope
HS1022 0-20V 3K - 900K 12bit SWHW NADIY Oscilloscope
Hantek 6022BE2 500mVp - 5Vp 500 - 48M 8bit SWSW 280
Hantek 6022BL2 500mVp - 5Vp 500 - 48M 8bit SWSW 360 Just Analog, requires device button pressed
Hantek PSO20201 100mVp - 64Vp 500 - 48M 8bit HWSW 320Need Calibration
Hantek 10082 20Vp 1K - 1.2M 12bit SWHW 330 Automotive up to 2KSa/s
Hantek IDSO1070 2 40mVp-20Vp 10K - 125M 8bit HW HW (200Sa/s) 840 Wifi, self-powered, performance depending from phone wifi
Voltcraft DSO20202 500mVp - 5Vp 500 - 48M 8bit SWSW -
SainSmart DDS1202 250mVp - 6.2Vp 500 - 48M 8bit HWSW 200
Rocktech BM1022 250mVp - 6.2Vp 500 - 48M 8bit HWSW 299
Loto OSC4822 100mVp - 5Vp 500 - 48M 8bit HWSW 330
1 10Vp 500 - 24M 8bit SWSW 110Just Analog, high noise devices.
Instrustar ISDS205A2 50mV-6Vp 500 - 48M 8bit HWSW 320ISDS205B has been reported to be working but it is not supported.
Instrustar ISDS205X2 50mV-6Vp 500 - 48M 8bit HWSW 580Just Analog. Need to be configured in Settings->General->Hardware.
Owon VDS10222 25mV-25Vp 2.5K - 100M 8bit HWHW 390Do not support: advanced triggering functions, low rate roll-mode.
(in Beta)
Loto OSC8022 100mV-5Vp 125K - 80M 8bit HWHW 390Hardware triggering
supported soon
Hantek 60742 ±8mV - ±40V 250 - 250M 8bit HWHW 888In test, pre-sell available.

Automotive Module (Real-time recording).
Audio Output Module (Real-time streaming to Phone Speaker, support 50KSa/s and 25KSa/s).

Require a Device

Development of a new Oscilloscope driver requires several tests on the real device. This will ensure end-users to use their hardware safely with HScope and to keep using their device with the original vendor software.
Sustain with a donation the purchase costs of a new Oscilloscope to develop its driver for HScope.

please indicate in the Notes the porpuse of Donation, then contact me at support[at]

Power Consumption

Power consumption has been measured with an USB Multifunction Tester (Model: KWS-MX16) while the device is connected and operating with HScope at maximum sampling rate.

Device Max Consumption (A) Notes
HS10X < 10mA HS101, HS102
Hantek 6022BE 0.18  
Hantek 6022BL N/A  
Hantek PSO2020 0.24  
Hantek 1008 < 10mA  
Hantek IDSO1070 0.73 For reference only (Wifi connection)
Voltcraft DSO2020 N/A  
SainSmart DDS120 N/A  
Rocktech BM102 0.12  
Instrustar ISDS205A 0.26 with relays on (AC mode and low voltages selection)
Owon VDS1022 0.24
Loto OSC802 0.21
Hantek 6074 0.78